TLC’s Chilli Not the Reason for Matthew Lawrence, Cheryl Burke’s Divorce

TLC’s Chilli Not the Reason for Matthew Lawrence, Cheryl Burke’s Divorce

TLC’s Chilli
Nothing to do with Matthew’s Divorce
From the ‘DWTS’ Cheryl Burke

1/5/2023 12: 45 AM PT

Fans accusing TLC’s Chilli of coming between Matthew Lawrence and his ex — ‘DWTS’ star Cheryl Burke — are barking up the wrong tree … even though Cheryl seems to be throwing shade about the new relationship.

A source familiar with the situation says that Matthew’s divorce was filed before Chilli started talking to him in any romantic way. They knew each other but weren’t interested in each other.

Chilli and Matthew did reconnect in March, a month after Cheryl filed for divorce, at a ’90s convention … but sources say they waited a while before jumping into anything serious due to Matthew being fresh out of his marriage.

Chilli was actually dating other people until they made it official over the holidays — and, according to our sources, Matthew and Cheryl were not living together at the time the romance began.

In fact, Cheryl says that she and Matthew were actually single as of September.

As we reported, Chilli and the “Boy Meets World” star spent the holidays — Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year — together in Atlanta with her family.

Cheryl posted a short message on Instagram shortly after our story. It was a seemingly sour message: “That was fast …”


Based on these 3 words, people online suspected that there was some relationship overlap. However, our sources say that there was no funny business… as Chilli wanted make sure there wasn’t any gray area before becoming exclusive with Matthew.

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