Surprises, Mishaps at Rolling Loud ’23 with Bieber, Nicki, Travis Scott

Surprises, Mishaps at Rolling Loud ’23 with Bieber, Nicki, Travis Scott

Rolling Loud 2023
Surprises, Lots of Mishaps Too …
W/ Bieber, Nicki, Travis

3/5/2023 9: 59 AM PT

Rolling Loud

Rolling Loud got off to a somewhat choppy start this weekend with stop-and-go performances by some big-time talent … including Travis Scott, who had his set end early.

The rapper was the headlining artist Saturday for the L.A. music fest, and while everything seemed to be going smoothly through his performance … the dude’s background tunes started to fade as he was in the middle of running through his hit song “Goosebumps.”

Then, everything just stopped … and Travis came on the mic soon afterward to say that “they” were making him cut things off early. No further explanation was offered.

There’s rumblings that Travis was late for his gig, which may explain the strict time limit — but, on its face, it feels like the Rolling Loud promoters might’ve not wanted things to get too crazy … a la, Astroworld. It’s hard to say … the RL crowd didn’t look to be in danger.

Rolling Loud

Anyway, that’s far from the only technical issue that went down … another huge star, Nicki Minaj, also had to deal with missing backing tracks and audio — which she actually addressed in the moment as well. Frankly, she was pissed about it … calling out the DJ.

It was pretty harsh … she kept saying “kill the DJ” and was firing off death stares as the guy continued to struggle playing the right song behind her. Also awkward … Lil Wayne — her former mentor — was standing right next to her, as he’d brought her out as a special guest.

Nicki was none too pleased with the screw-up … and she seemed to take it personally.

In lighter news (maybe) … Justin Bieber popped up at Rolling Loud too, which took a lot of people by surprise. Obviously, the crowd was super pumped when he rolled up next to Don Toliver (who was scheduled to perform) and helped sing their joint song “Private Landing.”

Youtube / Rolling Loud

Thing is though … his cameo appearance here comes on the heels of the Biebs canceling the rest of his world tour, without a proper explanation. You’ll recall — JB pulled the plug on tour dates spanning all across the globe, including several counties in Europe.

Most assume it’s because of his health struggles — which have forced him to hit pause in the recent past — but this time … he didn’t speak on it at all … just kinda threw in the towel.

Now, here he is onstage looking just fine … which might raise an eyebrow with his fanbase. If he can do this … why not come on the road for us? It’s interesting for sure. Justin, meanwhile, didn’t seem to bat an eyelash over it at all … he was in the zone and chillin’.

Elsewhere at Rolling Loud … more artists hit the stage, and most everything else appeared to go pretty well. Rappers like Kodak Black, Tyga, Playboi Carti, Lil Baby, Lil Yachty, 2 Chainz and looootttts of others performed, and by most accounts … it was all gravy in Los Angeles.

There’s one more night to go (Sunday) … and Future‘s the big dog tonight. Here we go!

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