‘Supernatural’ Star Jim Beaver’s Wife Files Restraining Order Against His Daughter

‘Supernatural’ Star Jim Beaver’s Wife Files Restraining Order Against His Daughter

‘Supernatural’ Star Jim Beaver
Estranged Wife Beefing with His Daughter …
Your Honor, She Scares me!

1/1/2023 12: 50 AM PT

“Supernatural” star Jim Beaver apparently wants to move back in with his estranged wife, but there’s a problem … she says he wants to bring his adult daughter with him and it’s a recipe for disaster.

The TV actor’s estranged wife, actress and singer Sarah Spiegel, says she’s been living in the couple’s Studio City home during the divorce … but in new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Sarah claims Jim recently told her he’s moving back and plans to bring his 21-year-old daughter Madeline in tow … and now Sarah wants a court to step in and stop it.

The reason … Sarah claims Madeline’s had beef with her for years … ever since Madeline returned home from college back in 2019 to find Sarah had cleaned out her room, triggering what she says was a temper tantrum.

Sarah says Madeline appeared “totally unhinged”, screaming and pounding against the wall. Sarah claims that she’s been afraid Madeline could physically harm her ever since.

In the docs, Sarah says Jim even rented an apartment for his daughter during the pandemic, rather than have them all live under the same roof in 2020 when Madeline’s college shifted away from in-person learning.

Sarah claims that she tried to give Madeline another chance after college graduation but that it was a mistake for her to believe they could all live together. Sarah claims when Madeline came home after finishing school at the end of 2021, she would start screaming at her out of nowhere, slamming doors, throwing tantrums and threatening suicide.

TMZ broke the story … Jim filed for divorce August 25, listing August 14 as the date of separation. Sarah says Jim left the home August 11 and she’s been living there alone ever since.

Sarah claims that Jim told her recently that he and Madeline would be moving in. So she made it to court this month to file for a temporary order against Jim’s child, asking the judge not to prevent Madeline from moving in.


Sarah states in the docs that she is afraid of Madeline’s behavior if she returns to her home. She wants the court intervene and protect her from Madeline’s “unwarranted abusive behaviour”.

Sarah wants a court to order Madeline to stay at least 100 yards away from her and the Studio City home.

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