Instagram Model Loses 20 Lbs. from Breast Reduction After 38J Implant Bursts

Instagram Model Loses 20 Lbs. from Breast Reduction After 38J Implant Bursts

Breast Reduction After Implant Pops
… I’m 20 Lbs. Lighter!!!

3/11/2023 12: 50 AM PT

The Instagram model who’s been down one breast — thanks to one of her massive implants bursting — is now sporting a new look that takes a major load off her back.

The Canadian model, who goes by Mary Magdalene on social media, tells us she underwent breast reduction surgery … going from 5,000cc implants to a mere 700cc. If that sounds like a giant difference, it is — without her famous pair she’s a full 20 lbs. lighter!

Remember … one of Mary’s implants popped last month, leaving her with one 11-pound breast she referred to as her “uni-boob” and a bunch of saggy, tattooed skin where the other implant used to reside.

Mary says she’s now a C cup after going under the knife … a major difference from when she was walking around with K cups. It doesn’t sound like those enormous implants did the body any good; she says her actual boobs were so damaged, she had no tissue left.

In addition to a breast reduction, Mary says plastic surgeons also performed a lift, implant exchange and liposuction.

The healing process was brutal … she says she got an infection and a fever and needed antibiotics through an IV. However, she’s feeling better now.

One more tidbit, shall we say … Mary says she also had a vagina reduction, so she’s no longer claiming to have the “world’s fattest vagina.” Someone call Guinness.

Some might call her a glutton for punishment — or body dysmorphic — as Mary says she’s now had 50 surgeries, and plans to get more work on her cheeks and lips.

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