Emmanuel the Emu Sick After Wild Geese, Bird Flu Strike Florida Farm

Emmanuel the Emu Sick After Wild Geese, Bird Flu Strike Florida Farm

Emmanuel Emu
Incredibly Sick …
Bird Flu Strikes FL Farm

10/15/2022 6: 03 PM PT

Emmanuel the Emu — a viral sensation from earlier this year — is near death’s door after the bird flu has spread throughout his farm … killing off a lot of the owners’ other animals.

Taylor Blake shared their sad news Saturday. It said that their business, Knuckle Bump farms, has been severely affected by avian influenza. This is after a group of wild geese has flown onto their property repeatedly of late — leaving behind deadly flu strains.

I lost Emily, Eliza and Elliot. They were very badly affected by the virus and they died very quickly. I tried my best to save them but was unsuccessful. Every single chicken and duck that lived on our farm was lost. All of our geese were lost. Our 2 female black Swans were also lost. Both of our turkeys were lost.

— eco sister (@hiitaylorblake) October 15, 2022

Blake says they’ve lost 99% of their domesticated birds — including all of their ducks, geese and chickens … not to mentions some of their emus, including Emily, Eliza and Elliot.

Now, it seems like only Emmanuel or Rico are still alive — but TB claims that Emmanuel is doing well after suddenly going down on Wednesday… apparently due to the bird flu that’s rampant on their farm.

I am running on about 4hrs of sleep in 4 days bc all that matters to me is saving him. He is stable at the moment. Although his neurological symptoms have subsided, he won’t eat or drink by himself. I am hand feeding him and giving him subcutaneous fluids every two hours. pic.twitter.com/qXkTRE8Jb6

— eco sister (@hiitaylorblake) October 15, 2022

Blake said she has been caring for him 24/7 and that Emmanuel is trying to survive. She is devastated by the loss of her other animals, but she says she is grateful for Emmanuel and that he will make a full recovery, despite nerve damage.

She explained that although it seems like I haven’t been able catch a break the past few months, I am so incredibly fortunate. It is so amazing to me that Emmanuel is still here. He is fighting. My best friend is making a comeback. We are going to be okay, I am going to be OK! “

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Blake says she’s working through getting Emmanuel back to 100% with physical therapy, and is asking the public for prayers, as well as help on tips in regards to big bird PT.

One final thing… it sounds as though the water that was dispersed across Florida due to Hurricane Ian may have contributed in some way to the bird flu spreading fast. This is scary, especially if your livestock may be affected. Let’s hope Emmanuel pulls through.

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