Aaron Carter’s Fiancée Melanie Martin Harassed by Fans Since His Death

Aaron Carter’s Fiancée Melanie Martin Harassed by Fans Since His Death

Aaron Carter
Fans Harassing Fiancee Melanie …
Some Show up at House

11/11/2022 1: 00 AM PT

On the heels of Aaron Carter‘s death, some of his fans are making life even harder for his fiancee Melanie Martin by harassing her … and occasionally even spooking her in person.

Sources connected with Melanie tell TMZ that Melanie has been having a hard time going online since Aaron’s death. She’s receiving hateful messages from her supporters.

The constant harassment includes fans wishing death on Melanie, while others accuse her of being responsible for Aaron’s death.

She’s also been confronted with real-life drama.

Our sources claim that people have been visiting Aaron’s Lancaster, CA house… where he was found unconscious in a bathtub. According to our sources, they enter the property and climb up to the windows or vehicles to see inside. This is frightening Melanie.

TMZ broke the story … there was a police presence outside Aaron’s home earlier this week, while Melanie was moving some of her things out of the house.

We were told that Melanie called the police to keep the peace at her house. She wanted to make sure there weren’t any problems while she was at Aaron’s house, despite all the harassment she received.

Our sources say Melanie was retrieving baby items, diapers and clothes for their son, Prince, along with some of her things … and now Aaron’s fans are accusing her of stealing his possessions, which we’re told is NOT the case.

It’s getting to Melanie. We’re told that she’s scared now and has a better understanding of the issues Aaron was dealing with for years. This is because Aaron’s online harassment turned against her.

Our sources claim that Melanie believes Aaron was deeply hurt by the online hatred… and it’s now tearing her down too.

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