Stockton Police Arrest Suspected Serial Killer, Seven Victims in a Year

Stockton Police Arrest Suspected Serial Killer, Seven Victims in a Year

Stockton PD
Arrest Suspected Serial Killer …
After 7 Victims within a Year

10/15/2022 4: 29 PM PT

A suspected serial killer is being held in Northern California. Police say they caught him while he was looking to find his next victim… after six lives had been taken.

43-year-old Wesley Brownlee was arrested Saturday morning in Stockton … where Police Chief Stanley McFadden says he appeared to be scoping out a new person to kill. Stockton PD stopped Brownlee when he left his home in a car at 2 AM. They found him with a gun and a mask on his neck after a search.

Police surveilled the suspect for quite some time to learn his patterns. They made contact with him at 2 am when they believed he was out “hunting.”

43 year old Wesley Browning was arrested with a firearm for the killings.

— Shane B. Murphy (@shanermurph) October 15, 2022

Chief McFadden claims that there is no doubt in their minds that he was “out hunting” as they stopped another murder. Brownlee was charged with homicide, although it is not clear if all the murders were committed on him.

Six men have been slain dating back to April 2021 — all of whom were ambushed, shot and killed. Five of the murders took place in Stockton, while the last one occurred in Oakland over a year ago. Another victim, a female, was also shot in Stockton last summer, but she survived. A few of the victims are homeless.

#BREAKING: Arrest of suspect made in connection with Stockton serial killings that left 6 dead

— ABC7 Eyewitness News (@ABC7) October 15, 2022

No motive has been given… the victims were not beaten or robbed but simply shot and killed. Eventually, police declared they had evidence linking the murders — and announced a manhunt to find the killer … offering up as high as a $125k reward for help from the public.

The cops claim they captured Brownlee while investigating tips and conducting their own investigation. They believe they have their man. Chief McFadden said that the case will be sent to the D.A. For further consideration of the charges, Chief McFadden says that the case will be sent to the D.A. Brownlee will appear in court Tuesday.

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